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Sell Homemade Beauty Products? 3 Reasons To Hire A Pro To Design The Packaging

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If you sell your own homemade beauty products, you might love the fact that you are able to share your products with the world. You might also love being able to do everything yourself when running your own business, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for a bit of professional assistance every now and then. For example, it’s smart to hire a professional team to help design the packaging for all of your homemade products. Read More»

Tips For Storing A Bicycle

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Whether it’s just for between rides or for an entire season or year, proper storage of your bicycle in a storage unit is a must if you want the bike to be road ready when you are ready to go. The following tips can help you store the bike correctly and avoid damage. Tip #1: Wipe it down Road dirt can contain more than grime – oils and harsh chemicals on the roadway can eat through paint and even metal if left on the bike during storage. Read More»

How You Can Use The Pallets You Collect In Your Business

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Many businesses end up with stacks of wooden pallets from shipments of their materials. Hauling pallets to a recycling center can be time-consuming and a task that seems to never get done enough, the reason you may have several pallets stacked up at your workplace right now. However, instead of taking your stacks of wooden pallets to the recycling center, check out these unique ideas for putting them to use in your workplace. Read More»

4 Reasons Not To Switch From Propane To Natural Gas

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When a utility company extends the natural gas pipeline into rural areas, homeowners are offered the choice of hooking up to the utility or continuing to rely on their existing heating system. Many rural homeowners use liquid propane gas (LPG) to heat their homes and wonder whether they should make the switch. Consider some sound reasons to continue using propane. The Option to Lock In a Price Propane prices tend to fluctuate more dramatically than natural gas prices do during the heating season. Read More»

3 Important Things Your Business Should Know About Drug Screening

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Drug screening law in Canada has changed a lot recently, which can make it difficult for your business to keep up with new standards. As such, understanding legislation is key in making sure your business doesn’t violate any human rights. So, before you start screening, remember… You Can’t Screen Employees With Intent To Deny Them A Job Canada differs from the US in that it is illegal to screen job applicants before they are offered a job to turn them down for employment. Read More»