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Pathway Lighting Can Make Your Home's Walkways Beautiful

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You might be planning to do a little landscaping in your front or back yards. You might want to place flowers or shrubs along your walkway to give a gorgeous forest feel to it. You also might be considering adding pathway lighting to not only light up the darkness heading toward your house but to also add to the atmosphere.

Pathway lights can make your home's walkways beautiful and inviting. There are several different styles to choose from too. What style is right for your vision? Take a look at your choices.

Stairway Lighting

It's possible your walkway has short sets of stairs leading toward your front door or backyard patio. You may also have stairs leading toward your pool or deck. You can add step lighting to these stairs to provide a bit of light to avoid tripping or falling in the dark.

You could have round, moon-shaped lights on the side of any stair walls you have on your pathway. These lights will shine onto the stairs in a sideways manner giving off a softer glow but generally covering the entire step. They can be mounted on the surface of the sidewall, or even embedded into the wall itself for a recessed lighting effect.

Another option you have with stairway lighting is lights placed directly onto the stair itself, also known as riser lighting. These are installed on the riser or underside of each stair just under the lip to light up the surface below it. They come in square, rectangle, or even circular shapes depending on your style preference.

Tree Lighting or Downlights

If you prefer a muted glow or one that can simulate moonlight, you might want to opt for a downlight or one that is mounted in your yard's trees. They can also be placed on tall poles and directed to shine down on your pathways or mounted onto your home's exterior walls.

You could install downlights over your pool area, along the decking edge, or on trees or poles to light up the area for night swimming or for backyard parties.

Path Lights

One of the most common forms of walkway lighting is path lights. These can be mounted on small poles that are placed into the ground along walkways leading to your house or pool. They can be lantern shaped, Faux-Tiffany-Lamp shaped, oval, square, or round lights embedded into the ground.

Many of these types of pathway lighting can be solar powered too. Depending on where you live and the amount of sunlight your region receives, these can be a great option for your home. You can have beautiful lighting at a fraction of the cost of wired lights. For more information, contact a contractor like Lanelight.