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Surprise Your Graduate With Personalized Water Bottle Labels At His/Her Party

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When you have a son or daughter who has just graduated from middle school, high school, or even college, you might be eager to throw him or her a party for family and friends. The party will likely include many elements, perhaps including his or her favorite foods and a speech or two by you or a family member to talk about how proud you are of your graduate's accomplishment. One way that you can surprise the graduate and the others in attendance is by offering water bottles with personalized labels that recognize the occasion. Many companies print labels like this, and you can design your labels with the following elements.


You'll definitely want to include a photo of the graduate on the water bottle labels. An obvious choice would be to include your son or daughter's official graduation photo, but there are other options. For example, you could choose a candid photo of your child — perhaps by downloading it off his or her social media account. If your son or daughter is an athlete and played on one or more of the school's teams, a photo of him or her in action can also be a good choice for the water bottle label.

Relevant Details

You should also have a number of relevant details when you design the label. Of course, you'll want the name of the school, as well as the date and year of the graduation. You might also want to list the city and state of the school, and perhaps a message that explains the context. For example, you make a statement such as, "Congratulations, Jeff, on graduating the eighth grade. Your family is very proud of you and wishes you all the best in high school."

Awards And Accomplishments

You might also want to put together a bullet-point list of your son or daughter's accomplishments. Whether he or she is graduating middle school or college, you can probably collect a handful of accomplishments that are worth recognizing and then feature them on the water bottle label design. Being on the honor roll, playing school sports, participating in school clubs, winning awards for such disciplines as science, math, or technology, and a variety of other accomplishments are all worthwhile to include in this list. You'll have fun unveiling the water bottles at the gathering and will definitely want to carefully remove some of the labels to keep with your child's keepsakes.

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