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Top Projects a Handyman Might Be Able to Help You With

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As you can probably imagine, hiring a handyman can be a great way to get projects done around your home. In fact, one of the best things about hiring a handyman instead of a different type of contractor is the fact that a handyman is often willing and able to tackle all sorts of different types of projects. These are a few examples of the different types of projects that you might be able to hire one of these professionals for.

Performing Random Household Repairs

You might need to have simple household repairs done around your home, and you might not be sure of who to hire to help you with them. You might have a kitchen cabinet door that is coming off of its hinges, for example, or you might be having a hard time opening and closing just one of your kitchen drawers. You might not think it's necessary to hire a carpenter or cabinet repair professional to help with these types of simple repairs, and chances are good that you are right. Instead, a handyman might be able to help you with these types of rather simple household repairs.


Many of the professionals who offer handyman services help with various painting jobs. They might help with interior painting of walls, painting of cabinets, and even painting of furniture and other similar items.

Assisting With Basic Plumbing Jobs

If you want to have all of the plumbing pipes in your home replaced or if you need to make major plumbing repairs or upgrades, then you will probably need to hire a plumber. Many of the people who offer handyman services can help with basic plumbing jobs, however. A handyman might be able to help with installing a new sink faucet or fixing a leaky pipe, for example.

Helping With Basic Electrical Jobs

Again, although you will probably actually want to find and hire an actual electrician to help with bigger electrical jobs, you can always ask your handyman if they can help with the simple stuff. They might be able to help with putting in a new light fixtures, swapping out your light switch covers, and other similar jobs, for example.

If you can find a good handyman in your area who offers a variety of services, you might be pleasantly surprised by all of the different things that they will be able to help you with. For example, the list above are just a few things that you can ask about if you need help with repairing or upgrading your home.