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5 Questions To Ask When Renting Self Storage

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Have you decided to rent a self storage unit, but have never used one before? In that case, you may have a few questions you need answered before you move forward with renting the unit. Here are just a few questions to ask when renting self storage.

Unit Types

The first thing you'll want to find out is what type of units the storage facilities have that are available. There are likely units of different sizes, units that have climate controls, and even drive up units that make it easy to access your belongings. There will certainly be a unit that meets your needs. You just need to find out what is available so that you can make an informed decision.


Find out what sort of contract you need to sign with the storage facility in terms of a lease. Some may require that you rent the unit for a specific amount of months, while others offer you a monthly commitment that automatically renews each month. You may get a discount for signing a longer lease as well, so make sure to know what your options are for the rental period and if it works for you.

Access Hours

The hour that you can access the storage unit may be very important to you. For example, those indoor units may only be accessed during normal business hours, while the drive up units allow for 24/7 access. It's possible that the drive up unit access may be restricted as well. It all depends on what security measure the storage facility has. Security typically focuses on limiting access to the facility


Speaking of security, ask what the storage facility has in terms of security. Are there cameras watching hallways to see anybody that tries to get into your storage unit? Is the facility open to everyone, or must you be renting a storage unit to have access to the inside of the facility? Are outdoor units well lit at night? These types of things can vary between facilities, so many sure that you are comfortable with what security they offer.


Does the storage facility offer any type of insurance on the items in your unit? First of all, find out if your homeowners insurance policy would extend to the belongings in the unit. Then figure out what the insurance provided by the storage facility would cover. Typically this is to protect your belongings from natural disasters only, such as a fire or flooding.