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How You Can Use The Pallets You Collect In Your Business

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Many businesses end up with stacks of wooden pallets from shipments of their materials. Hauling pallets to a recycling center can be time-consuming and a task that seems to never get done enough, the reason you may have several pallets stacked up at your workplace right now. However, instead of taking your stacks of wooden pallets to the recycling center, check out these unique ideas for putting them to use in your workplace. 

Pallets Make The Perfect Choice For Additional Storage

You can use pallets for creating rustic shelving in your office space, a great way to recycle your pallets while saving money on the purchase of expensive credenzas and filing cabinets. Saw a pallet into three or four pieces, leaving the wood that is already nailed intact. Sand down the pieces and stain them if you would like them to have a more defined appearance. Hanging each piece on the wall provides a great place to store manuals and other books you may use a lot in your work. By hanging shelves, you also save flooring space.

Avoid Spending Money On Office Furnishings

If you are thinking about furnishing your workplace office with new desks, you might consider making them out of pallets before spending a lot of money on ones that manufactured. One of the great benefits of using pallets to build with is they are sturdy and can be painted or stained to offer a truly unique, one of a kind decorative addition to your workplace office. The size desk you need determines how many pallets you will need for creating it. You can also create a desk that tailor suits the needs of each office employee. For example, if your receptionist needs plenty of room in addition to a computer area, you simply just add it with another pallet. Several desk styles can be created using wooden pallets, making it a great way to add cool and unique design to your office while saving money.

Pallets can also be the perfect material for creating unique tables for your waiting room. Your clients will be impressed by the design and by your innovating ideas for recycling and saving money. You can easily make Oriental style coffee tables that are functional and pleasing to the eye or you can make traditional end tables for displaying waiting room accessories like flowers or sculptures.

Re-Using Pallets Out On The Production Floor

Putting your old pallets to work for you out on the production floor in your business is a good idea. One way to make moving heavy objects around easier for your employees is with a rolling platform made out of pallets and castor wheels. Adding a handle can help make it easier to maneuver through the workplace. Making a couple of rolling pallet wagons for each department in your business is a good idea and can mean fewer trips for forklifts moving smaller loads, saving money on fuel and wear and tear on your forklifts.

Saving time and money in your business is essential for making the most profits. If you have several pallets stacked up, waiting to be taken to the recycling center, use the time you would normally be hauling them to a recycling center for turning them into usable items for your workplace instead.