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Three Ways Local Towing Can Keep Your Car On The Road This Winter

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When harsh winter weather hits, it can leave many drivers in some sticky situations. Fortunately, local towing can keep your car on the road, so you can get to where you need to be. Here are three ways you can use your local towing company when the weather gets to be too much.

At-Home Repairs

Most people know that local towing companies provide roadside assistance, but not everyone realizes that tow truck operators are also willing to come out to your home. Whether you need a jump start, but have no one to help, or you can't get your doors open due to frozen locks, a local towing company can help. Don't forget that your towing company can also help you change a flat tire or add antifreeze and oil to your car if you run out.

Snow Removal

Tow trucks have the perfect size and engine power to carry a snow plow; so many local companies offer snow removal services as well as towing. If you can't get out of your driveway or your side street, you may want to consider calling a towing company to help you dig out from under the snow. For areas not services by a local municipality, tow trucks are often the best option for keeping smaller, low-traffic roads clear for locals. In extreme situations, you can even ask the driver to tow your car out of your parking space instead of digging it out by hand.

Winter Storm Towing

An unfortunate result of icy, snowy roads is that drivers sometimes spin out and end up in a ditch or ravine. Even if your car is stuck in just a little bit of snow, you may find it nearly impossible to get out of the situation on your own. A local towing company in the area can get your car out and back on the road if it doesn't need any repairs, or the company can tow your car to the repair shop if the damage sustained was serious.

Tow truck drivers aren't just there for you if you are in an accident. During serious winter weather, tow truck drivers can mean the difference from being stranded in your car or getting back on the road. Consider what a local towing company, like Roadway Towing Ltd, can do for you the next time your driveway is covered in snow or you need a jump start for a dead car battery.