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How to Use Fox Urine Granules to Repel Mice from Your Home

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Winter is the time when mice really like to come indoors—mostly to warm up in your home. Having the little creatures running over your kitchen counters and across the floor can be unnerving. If you have pets or young children in your home, the idea of placing poison around your house to get rid of mice might not appeal to you. If you're looking for a natural way to get rid of mice, consider using fox urine granules. Here is how you can use fox urine granules to repel mice from your home.

You Will Need:

  • Fox Urine Granules
  • Small Containers

Mice Fear Foxes

Fox like to eat mice and the mice know it. That is why mice try to avoid the areas where the foxes openly live and roam. The mice are constantly on the lookout for predators and will leave an area where they feel their safety is in imminent danger. The mice not only look for the predators themselves, but they also look for the odors their predators give off to alert them to danger. The smell of fox urine is one method that mice use to alert themselves to this natural predator being in their vicinity.

Obtaining Fox Urine Granules

Many pet and natural pest control stores like Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc carry fox urine granules. You can also buy this product online.

Applying Granules

Place the granules in small containers—you can use things like old yogurt containers—and place them around the openings in the floors, walls, and foundation of your home. Pay special attention to where utility pipes, electrical, and cable lines come into your home. You only need to put a couple of ounces in your container at a time; this will be enough to cover an 80 square foot area.

The granules aren't dangerous to children or pets, but you should still place the containers in an area where small children won't disturb the containers. Apply fresh granules to the container two to three times a week for a couple of weeks. This should be enough time to let the mice find another place to live.

Pour Granules Outside

You can pour the granules directly onto the ground around the foundation of your home to help prevent the mice from re-entering once you have repelled them from your house. The granules can hold up in light rains and snow, but you'll have to reapply the granules after heavy rains and snow melts. One ounce generally covers roughly 80 linear feet along the foundation.